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If you need an accompaniment to practice with, a multitrack sequencer, or simply want to write music notes, - you can do all these things quickly and reliably with midi-connections score. MIDI-Connections SCORE consists of 2 main parts: the notation editor and the MIDI-sequencer. both parts include many tools to help you.

Notation Editor

With the notation editor you can write notes comfortably and easily. You enter the notes with the mouse in the required positions. Rests are generated automatically, to make sure the rhythm always stays correct. Additional parts can be simply added up to a score of 48 separate parts. To finalise the required print layout, you can adjust the margins, define the page format and choose the note size.

MIDI-Connections Pro Score Version 5



    MIDI-Connections Pro Score Version 5
  • up to 64 systems
  • score / single part splitter
  • score and single parts in one file
  • 8 different clefs
  • freely scalable note set
  • up to 4-voice note set
  • 150 articulation and arrangement symbols
  • accordeon register symbols
  • up to 6 verses (incl. karaoke text)
  • drum notation (gm drum map)
  • user defined drum maps
  • guitar chord library
  • automatic tabulatour for 1-8 strings
  • piano symbol library
  • free-positionable text, symbols and graphics
  • graphic symbol import (jpg, bmp, ico,emf, wmf)
  • projeckt expert for new templates
  • score and single part export as emf filedatei
  • MIDI-Connections Pro Score Version 5
  • easy header and footer input
  • supports portrait and landscape formats
  • global margin und space definition
  • transposition over 4 octaves
  • user-selectable background

Drum Kit Notation
MC Score 5 includes a drum map library so that drum and percussion instruments can also be portrayed correctly. The drum map defines the correspondence between the midi-sound and the note head and pitch. The standard library can be modified and extended as much as you choose.

Tools And Composition Assistants
You don't need to have studied composition for many years in order to write good songs. We have already done that for you. The song analyser tells you which chords you have used. The harmoniser transforms your melody to a phil collins horn set. The valve/slide generator adds extra information for trumpet or trombone under the notes.

MIDI-Connections Pro Score Version 5 Guitar Chords And Tabs
A guitar fingering database with over 550 chords knows the right symbol for every chord. The symbols can be assigned automatically or by hand. We also haven't forgotten the tabulator fans: a 1- 8 string tabulator can be generated automatically from the notation. Every imaginable tone of the strings is possible.

Images, Text And Symbols
Additional input features include lyrics, freely positionable text, articulation signs, finger sets, repeat signs, ties, lines, accordeon register, dynamics signs, formattable text blocks and much more. For the professional touch: import and free positioning of graphics (jpg, bmp, ico, emf, wmf).

Score And Single Parts
Single parts can be extracted from the score with a single mouse click. mc score coordinates the score and all the single parts of a song. Score modifications automatically update the single parts to make sure nothing gets forgotten. Every note sheet can be exported as a .bmp or .emf file and further modified with a graphic editor.

MIDI Sequenzer

You can change from the notation editor to the midi sequencer with one mouse click. All changes made in the sequencer are automatically included in the notation. The midi-connections midi-sequencer works like a multitrack recorder. Up to 64 tracks are available, which can be recorded as you choose using either keyboard, mouse, PC keyboard or a combination.

MIDI-Connections Pro Score Version 5MIDI-Sequenzer Features:

  • 64-track MIDI-sequencer
  • track and global transposition
  • drum grid editor
  • piano editor
  • event editor
  • notation in the line view
  • mixer page
  • graphical controller editor
  • pitch bend tool (curve selection, resolution..)
  • fade-in/out-generator
  • voice splitter (separator)

Edit and modify MIDI Files
MIDI-Connections allows you to edit all the data in a MIDI-file: you can quickly and easily fade out a melody, correct the dynamics, shorten a song or transpose tracks. The studio mixer allows simple handling of dynamics, effects und instrumentation.

  • import with format 0 und 1
  • export as format 0 und 1
  • saves karaoke text and chords
  • XF-chord import and export

To avoid loosing the overall picture, all the editors can be blended in and out. If you need the event editor to edit the midi-file it can be called up with a mouse click. A double click on a drum track opens the drum editor. An accompaniment track is handled with the piano editor. To insert pitch bend or midicontrol messages use the graphical midicontrol editors as well. Each editor can be resized.

MIDI-Connections Pro Score Version 5Accompaniment Generator:

The MIDI-Connections accompaniment generator has already established itself! A "five man band" joins you as training partner and arrangement assistant. Choose between a range of musical styles including swing, hiphop, pop, hard rock, etc.... whether you are a trumpeter, guitarist or pianist - this makes practicing fun! After the accompaniment has been generated automatically it can be edited with the sequencer or the notation editor.


Accompaniment Generator Features:

  • 25 styles with up to 5 instruments
  • guitar pick-generator
  • style maker (external software)

Instrument / Device Library:

So that you can not only see the notes but also listen to them, MC SCORE includes an open device library. It doesn't matter if you listen with the computer sound card or an external keyboard connected to a usb port. "Exotic" midi devices can also be adapted and integrated.

Instrument Libary:

  • GM, GS and XG compatible
  • freely defined MIDI-instruments
  • controller library
  • sysex administration

And Much More...

We have not yet mentioned the guitar experts, the favorites list, guitar pick generator, XF-MIDI import and export, programmable short cuts, the large clear load dialogue or the fade in/out function. MC SCORE includes a selection of tools which make it easier to work with notation and midi-files.

General Functions:

  • favorites
  • guitar expert
  • programmable shortcuts
  • adjustable screen layout
  • multisong
  • simple load dialogue

System Requirements:
You don't need a high end pc for mc score to work perfectly. A pentium prozessor PC with win Windows 10, Windows 7 254 MB RAM, a sound card, 7 MB free harddisk space and a printer are all you need to realise your musical ideas and bring them to paper.

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MIDI-Connections Librarys:
MIDI-Connections Librarys:
PSR 640

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